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Cleaner diesel

Cleaner diesel

When clogged, a diesel engine loses power, consumes more fuel and is more polluting… Discover Bardahl's solutions to avoid this type of problem.

Clean diesel? A myth for urban use?

The diesel engine is going through difficult times because of the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Originally designed for long journeys, the diesel engine is commonly used in an urban environment.
Over the years, new technologies and sophisticated pollution control systems have not adapted to this unsuitable use (too short distances, cold engine ...).

Inevitable consequence: engine clogging, which results in the appearance of black smoke from the exhaust and the emission of dangerous particles.
This also causes expensive mechanical failure (turbo, injectors, EGR valve, particulate filter...).

Cleaning engine components

Loïc, owner of a 2003 diesel Golf, conducted an experiment; he thinks his engine is working well despite it’s 210,000 km and even though black fumes are produced as he accelerates and decelerates.
But his mechanic suggests that he cleans the injectors and the air intake system.

This double cleaning, costing less than 120 €, has been developed by Bardahl.
We specialise in engine maintenance products and we also provide the machine.

Through the fuel supply system, the Bardahl 360 machine directly injects a specific product to clean all internal components of the engine (injectors, cylinder head, pistons, etc.), as well as the air intake system (throttle body, intake manifold ...).

The result is conclusive

The engine emits less nitrogen oxides (NOx), from 130 ppm at idle speed to 105 ppm. Above 3,500 rpm, the values ​​drop from 81 ppm to 70 ppm.
Above all, the opacity of the fumes is thinner, from 1,647 m-1 to 0,2 m-1, after the treatment.

It’s clear to see

The emissions, visible from the exhaust before cleaning, have completely disappeared. Less polluting, the engine has also become more dynamic and responsive.
Loïc was pleased with these improvements as soon as the car moved.

This Bardahl curative treatment is efficient

Still, preventive solutions also exist. The addition of Bardahl additives helps to keep the engine clean over time and reduces the risk of engine failure, though good car maintenance, good oil quality and a good air filter are also essential for the optimum functioning of the engine.  

The Bardahl solution is mentioned in ‘ Que Choisir ‘ magazine.

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