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Injector cleaning

Cleaning your injectors prevents you from replacing them

Cleaning your injectors prevents you from replacing them

Over time, carbon deposits accumulate and the engine efficiency decreases as the consumption increases. Cleaning injectors is within everybody’s reach!

How does an injector work?

There are different types of injectors, but they all play the same role! It works like a pump that brings fuel pulverized under pressure directly into the combustion chamber. 

Nowadays, injectors are electronically controlled, and the workshops have the necessary equipment to read the spraying rate of each injector with a diagnosis tool. 

How and why does an injector get clogged?

There are many causes of clogging. The fuel quality and combustion residues create deposits that clog the injectors, which will decrease the fuel flow and the good spraying in your engine.

This is when the degradation cycle of your engine begins. The air/fuel ratio is more or less electronically compensated, but this decreases the performance of your engine and increases the risk of clogging. It is a never-ending cycle that might result in the replacement of the injection system.

Why should you clean the injectors?

The maintenance of your engine is essential to increase the lifespan of your vehicle and specially to limit the cost of repair – but not only! Cleaning your injectors with Bardahl products will allow you to:
  • Clean and protect the entire injection system (injectors, pump, valves, combustion chamber)
  • Restore injector spraying
  • Eliminate holes in the acceleration
  • Restore the original performance of the engine (responsiveness, power and consumption)
  • Limit fuel overconsumption
  • Limit polluting emissions and facilitate the anti-pollution test of the technical inspection
  • Reduce engine noise thanks to ultra-lubricating properties

 How to know if the injectors need to be cleaned?

Prevention is always better than cure. Using our preventive additives, you will prevent your injectors from being clogged. If you do not have this reflex yet, there are many symptoms that can alert you before the engine failure. It never seems to be serious at first, but the consequences can be very expensive if you do not act: 
  • Loss of power
  • Holes in the acceleration
  • Overconsumption
  • Difficult start

How to clean and protect your injectors?

Our tips to prevent the injectors from getting clogged.
The estimated cost for new injectors ranges from € 450 to € 2,000 depending on the type.

To avoid the expenses related to the replacement of your injectors, there are 2 solutions:​

     1. Pour the content of one bottle in the fuel tank

Our additives are easy to use, you just need to add them to the fuel as a preventive or curative treatment.
  • If you drive in town or only run short distances, use Bardahl Injector cleaner every 5,000 km or once a year.
  • If you often drive on highways, use Bardahl Injector cleaner every 10,000 km or once a year.
  • It is recommended to drive occasionally at a lower engine rpm. For example, drive at 120km/h in 5th gear instead of the 6th for 15 minutes.
     2. Injector and engine cleaning

The most efficient and innovative process on the market to clean the air intake is Bardahl eco-cleaning program!
Bardahl has the largest professional network in the world and our 3000 experts clean your engine to give it a new youth!

Where other methods of hydrogen cleaning try to clean all parts of your engine by injecting only one solution into the air intake, Bardahl independently treats each part of your engine for an optimal result.  
Your injectors, air intake, EGR valve, turbo and DPF are cleaned in 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Concrete and immediate results

  • Decreased consumption and therefore increased autonomy.
  • Decreased exhaust fumes opacity and therefore decreased harmful emissions.
  • A more flexible and dynamic driving.
  • More power and original responsiveness.
Engine and injector cleaning from 59 € >>>

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