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How and why should you clean your engine before the oil change?

How and why should you clean your engine before the oil change?

Nowadays, all petrol and diesel engines are designed to minimize the polluting emissions. However, these emissions need to be treated either through another combustion system (EGR valve) or filtered (DPF) to limit the fine particles.

The traffic density in the large urban areas does not help as traffic jam, cold starting, short distances and no acceleration are factors that clog your engine. What is the link with the oil change? Well, if a problem occurs in one of the vehicle organs without any dashboard warning, your engine gets clogged and this is the beginning of a cycle that can accumulate carbon deposits in the air intake system.

Why is it important to clean the engine before the oil change?

The carbon deposits present in the air intake system or in the cylinder head inevitably come through the engine and when the pistons scrap, these carbon deposits contaminate the oil. Even if a oil filter protects the system, it will not prevent the formation of deposits in the crankcase or in another organ that needs to be constantly lubricated as the turbo or the camshaft in the cylinder head.

What are the risks of a late oil change or a clogged engine?

  • A too low oil pressure
  • A premature wear of your mechanical parts (turbo, camshaft, pistons, …)
  • Engine failure in case of extreme clogging
  • Formation of a viscous liquid when the condensation mixes with the oil
  • … Engine failure!

How to clean the engine before the oil change?

Bardahl has been an expert in the automotive sector for more than 75 years. We have formulated and improved the Engine flush  so that it respects your engine. It is therefore safe for your mechanics!

How should you do?

  • It is very easy: pour the Bardahl Engine flush into the oil crankcase
  • Let the engine run for 20 minutes
  • Stop the engine and change the oil
  • Do not forget to change the oil filter

How does Bardahl Engine flush act?

  • Bardahl Engine flush eliminates any type of deposit present in the oil and facilitates their evacuation during the oil change.
  • It will clean the hydraulic valve lifters and all the lubricated parts of the engine (segments, turbo, crankcase and cylinder head).
  • Your new oil will not be contaminated by old oil residues and you will enjoy a cleaner and more lubricated engine.

For which type of engine should you use Bardahl Engine flush?

  • For any petrol, diesel, LPG and hybrid engine, with or without DPF and turbo
  • Our additive is compatible with any engine oil (mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic) and compatible with catalytic converters

Where to buy Bardahl Engine flush?

You can order Bardahl Engine flush directly on our website or on Amazon

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